Studio Baby Photographer Maidstone – Finlay at 6 months

Studio Baby Photographer Maidstone – Gorgeous Finlay

Another day with little Finlay

As I eagerly wait for arrival of little Finlay’s second visit, for his photo shoot, I remember when I first met him. His parents Jen and James heard about me from The Daily Mail and they decided to reach me out to give them some precious memories with their new arrival – Finlay. He was just 13 days old then. studio baby photographer maidstone

As with all baby photoshoots, I made sure the room temperature was warm enough and comfortable for the baby as for the most part he will be in his little birthday suit! The ambience and music was all just perfect for the little one to feel at home. Time is allowed for cuddles with Mummy and Daddy, drink breaks and nappy changes and the photoshoot was an absolute baby photographer maidstone

I was so happy to see the three of them again whom had travelled from Tunbridge Wells again to see me. This was Finlay’s second photo shoot from the ‘Watch me Grow Package’ and he weighed a little more than the 8lbs now that was for sure! It was so lovely to see change from the 13 days new baby to the 6 months old baby he was today.

We were all prepped for the photo shoot and they had bought Finlay’s teddy to go with him for the shoot. His cute smiles, the little tubs, the backdrops and of course with the addition of his personal little blue and white stripy teddy, just fell in place.

Finlay is now much more active and he was naturally posing beautifully for quite a number of shots and they really turned out well. studio baby photographer maidstone

The last session of the package shall be an on-location shoot and I just can’t wait to see Finlay on his feet. Jen and James are also so excited about the on-location shoot which is really thrilling and of course with present me with lots of opportunities for creativity and candid moments. studio baby photographer maidstone

Studio Baby Photographer Maidstone Kent 6 month baby

Studio Baby Photographer Maidstone Kent 6 month baby Studio Baby Photographer Maidstone Kent 6 month baby Studio Baby Photographer Maidstone Kent 6 month baby


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