Newborn Photographer Sittingbourne Gorgeous Edie

Newborn Photographer Sittingbourne Gorgeous Edie at 8 days new

Finally a little newborn girl! We definitely needed to make the most of having a little lady in the studio after such a flurry of newborn boys, so lots of soft lilacs and pinks were order of the day. newborn photographer sittingbourne

Little Edie came with Mummy & Daddy, Amy & Matt and what made this photoshoot extra special was that it was Matt’s 30th birthday, the timing worked out so perfectly! And just how proud were they of their new arrival, with her peachy skin tones and super soft baby skin. Her fair downy hair was adorable and I love the way her light eyebrows were captured.  newborn photographer Sittingbourne 

Amy had a 2 day labour with this little one and Edie revealed herself to the world on Saturday 14th January at 11.30pm and weighed a perfect 7lb 6oz. newborn photographer sittingbourne based

We started with the sideline pose, her tiny fingers tucked under her plump little cheek, she settled really nicely into this pose and looked so peaceful and comfortable. In fact she was so comfy I wanted to just keep her there, but I had to prize myself away from looking at her sweet little face and move onto the next poses. Edie did need quite a lot of milk in between each pose, which is why I advise 4 hours for the newborn photoshoot. Sometimes when a newborn becomes unsettled I swaddle the baby in wraps so that they feel lovely and secure and this does comfort and calm the newborn, as was the case with this little bubba.

We switched between the beanbag and props and created a nice variety of images and here are some from the photoshoot. newborn photographer sittingbourne

Just a little more about me

I specialise in wedding photography, family, baby, children and newborn portraiture. I have been fully trained and have gained vast experience and invaluable knowledge as a newborn photographer. I combine my photography skills as well as offering a friendly, warm but always professional approach to create photographs which will I hope you will love. My photographs have also featured in The Daily Mail and The Guardian. newborn photography prices

For more information you can email me at or 07796934399

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