Newborn Photographer Sittingbourne – Beautiful 12 days old Ava

Newborn Photographer Sittingbourne – Beautiful 12 days old Ava Rose


Ava was born in April and she was just like a little flower blooming in the Spring. The twelve days old baby weighed just 6lb 8oz and Mummy Sian approached me to take some cute images of Ava in these very precious early days.

Newborn Photography can be somewhat challenging. A little one can’t follow the photographer’s instructions and make artificial poses. I have to be experienced and diligent enough to capture the newborns best moments in the best way possible. Moreover, a photograph of a newborn must bring out the innocence and cuteness that she or he has. So, the props and backgrounds must be chosen accordingly. Each photoshoot is carefully thought and planned out, with varying sets where the colour toning of the fabrics all match beautifully. newborn photographer sittingbourne

Here, the photos have been given the perfect flavor of spring since it is Ava’s birth season. Cherry Blossoms and a natural twigged nest have pre-dominated the photos. newborn photographer sittingbourne

In the first one, we find Ava in a deep sleep, with her head covered by a knitted pink bonnet and her body wrapped in a soft pink fabric. Little Ava is sleeping on a mesh of pink plaited mohair inside a wooden tub. The tub is surrounded by a soft tuft of milky white flokati fur. Ava looks so pretty surrounded by pale pinks and whites.

In the second photo we find Ava sleeping amidst cherry blossoms, symbolic to the time of year in which she was born. She sleeps over a tuft of cotton, layered over a nest. A multitude of flowers shaded from the trees surround her. Two feathery wings have been placed on her back which makes her look like an angel! newborn photographer sittingbourne


newborn photographer sittingbourne beautiful ava 12 days

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I specialise in wedding photography, newborn portraiture and commercial enterprise photography. I combine my photography skills as well as people skills to create photographs which I am sure you will love. My photographs have also featured in The Daily Mail and The Guardian.


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