Newborn Photographer Minster – Gorgeous 13 days new Ralph

Newborn Photographer Minster – Gorgeous 13 days new Ralph

This lovely family came to visit from Minster in Kent when Ralph was 13 days old weighing 7lb 20z and Mum Lucy has been blessed with a Summer Baby. newborn photographer minster

My routine before every newborn photoshoot is the same, setting the correct temperature for the room, creating the ambiance, planning which props to use, dependant of whether a boy or girl and then choosing textured fabrics and layers to compliment the props and baby. Contingency plans just incase one little monkey decides to play the wide awake game! The set up prior to the newborn’s photo session can take a couple of hours and then the editing post photoshoot can take an entire day, 3 days has been known in the past with extra large quantities of images if the baby had been very sleepy. newborn photographer minster photos

A Parent Favourite

Yes you’ve guessed it, the Froggy pose! if your newborn is sleepy enough I will attempt this position and sweet cheeks Ralph was sleepy enough for us the pull this one out of the bag, but I literally had a nano second to capture his little body in this cute and very popular pose. newborn photographer minster prices

My Personal Favourite

One of my all time favourites is of Ralph (3rd photo down) posed so easily and upright on a cute birdlike circular nest of twiglets, lined with organic jute fluffy fabric, and for extra softness he is resting his head in his hands on a mini soft sheepskin pillow, but then, what really brings the who frame together are the golden lightweight feather wings which were placed gently onto Ralph’s tiny soft skinned back  …. the little cherub has descended from the heavens and into the loving arms of new Mummy Lucy.

Newborn Photographer Minster 13 days old baby in froggy poseNewborn Photographer Minster 13 days old baby in wooden tubNewborn Photographer Minster 13 days old baby wearing angel wingsNewborn Photographer Minster 13 days old baby nestled in flokati furNewborn Photographer Minster 13 days old baby

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My newborn photography has been featured in The Daily Mail and The Guardian


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