Newborn Photographer Maidstone – Baby Beatrice – 7 days old

Newborn Photographer Maidstone – adorable Baby Beatrice – 7 days old

This sweet little girl was such a joy to photograph. She was adorable beyond words, and it’s clear that she already has both parents wrapped around her tiny pinkie finger. She slept like an absolute angel, and barely made a peep during our time together. The aim for this session was to create soft, dreamy portraits that showcase the sweetness of this tiny baby. newborn photographer maidstone

Those first few weeks of your baby’s life pass by in a blur, and you will never have those precious moments again. That is why Beatrice’s parents wanted to retain those womb like features of her baby. They arranged for the photo session in the first week itself. These first weeks the babies are very sleepy and mouldable. That makes them ideal for a photoshoot like this. newborn photographer maidstone

I feel so very lucky to be able to capture Beatrice in all of these very cute poses. At one time she covered her ears with her hand and I did not miss the chance to photograph the moment. Using a pure and natural palette of soft pastels, calm neutrals and beautiful light allowed me to capture this sweet bundle of joy as breath taking works of art. I kept the room warm with a space heater next to the baby. Keeping the baby warm is essential as it helps them sleep better. I also will play white sound or soft music depending on what the baby responds to better (maybe that is why she closed her ears!). This keeps babies calm and asleep. The photos bring out the facial features of Beatrice and her parents were very happy with the end result. newborn photography maidstone

A brand new baby is such an incredible and wonderful celebration for a family. As an artist, my goal is to capture these precious memories as timeless art to be treasured for years to come. I had fun editing these photographs to – enhancing the natural beauty of this bundle of joy, while eliminating any distractions of skin imperfections etc. Editing does take some too, because each image needed to go through Photoshop individually to get a polished end result. newborn photographer maidstone maidstone newborn photography

newborn photographer maidstone with gorgeous newborn in a swaddle sack with vintage hairbandnewborn photographer maidstone cute tushy up poseNewborn Photographer Maidstone - Baby Beatrice - 7 days old on cloud 9Newborn Photographer Maidstone - too much noise im trying to sleep! cute newborn in pom pom hat and leggingsNewborn Photographer Maidstone - newborn with cute ribbed crochet hat on and hands around the cheeks

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