Baby and Sitter Photography

The first year of a child’s life is filled with awe and amazement. With so many changes for the family and new developmental stages for baby.

As a photographer there are stages which work wonderfully well for capturing new baby milestones and there are other times where it may be best to consider waiting until your baby is a little bit older.

I believe the best way to approach any baby session is to highlight the developmental stage and milestones they have reached. As a professional photographer and working with babies, we should have a basic understanding of when most babies reach the “big” milestones so we have a starting point when planning the session with parents.

Based on my years of experience the Key Stages for your baby’s first year in photos are:

Newborn – Under 14 days

Baby is still very sleepy and curly from the womb. Session time is around the 4 hour mark. With lots of feeds and comforting in between shots. This is a relaxed and creative session, where each shot has been carefully planned and nothing is rushed. Time is taken to gently place and pose your baby to achieve those beautiful, peaceful, precious photos.

So from sweetly slow newborn we progress to the super swift early baby session.

3-4 Months

At the 3-4 month age most babies are able to do mini push ups (very cute) and can push up on their arms and hold their heads up steadily, perfect for eye contact with the camera.

This stage is a great time to capture those early smiles and the beautiful eyes that light up when they see their parents. The time of day for your baby’s session is important as their attention span is very short and they will tire very quickly. These sessions usually last around the 30 minutes mark and I use several different backdrops and outfits to ensure your baby’s photo session is varied and creative.

With 3-4 months’ I work extremely quickly, swiftly switching between portraits taken with baby on their back to tummy shots where they are lifting up their heads. The best time of day to photograph your baby is soon after their nap and feed, so they are fresh and bright for the session.

To receive information on 3-4 month photo session and to check availability please contact me at or WhatsApp me on 07796934399

6-9 Months – The Gorgeous Sitter Session

This is a wonderful time for capturing your baby’s next developmental milestone moment. It is truly the perfect age for smiles, engagement and general all round happiness. They are exploring the world in an entirely new way and from an amazingly new perspective – they are sitting up and feeling incredibly proud of themselves!

The best time to have a Sitter session is 2 weeks after they can sit unassisted and before they take their first few steps.

From my experience, babies of this age settle in very well to new environments and will happily sit there and let you entertain them whilst they giggle and smile away. Shots are truly plentiful at this age. They honestly look cute in everything and I step up the adorability factor just that bit more with gorgeous handcrafted outfits and props. This is a wondrous age to capture your baby in all their beautiful baby glory before they take take their first few steps as a toddler.

To celebrate and document these wonderful milestone moments please get in touch at and I will send over the details.

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